NAACP Escalates War Against Tea Party Using Phantom 'N-Word' as Justification

The Washington Post reports that today at their national conference in Kansa City, MO the NAACP will vote on a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement as racist.

Of particular interest is a passage in the Post report that describes part of the reasoning behind the resolution:

As an example, authors of the statement point to reports by black members of Congress that they endured spitting and racial epithets before voting for the health-care overhaul.

Here is a quick reminder of our thorough debunking of the phantom racial epithets including video footage from five separate angles and perspectives at the very moment the racial slurs were supposed to have been yelled.

[youtube IJsNmlhz6Yo]

So it has come to this. The charges first leveled by Rep. Andre Carson that fifteen protestors yelled racial slurs fifteen times at he and Rep. John Lewis have become part of the agenda of the nation’s oldest and most respected civil rights organization. This proves Mark Twain’s famous adage, ” A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Here is the route this lie took on its travel around the world:

  • Rep Carson tells reporters the infamous tale.
  • It’s repeated endlessly by members of the media eager to paint the Tea Party as racist.
  • Terrified GOP leadership rush to condemn the Tea Party for their racist behavior (how’d all that bending over backwards for the Congressional Black Caucus work out for you Mr. Steele?)

Then, slowly the truth put on its shoes:

  • Andrew Breitbart offers $100,000 to be donated to the United Negro College Fund for any video proof of the racial epithet
  • Videos begin to surface showing the moment Carson described and (lo and behold) there is no evidence of the slur and the scene on the video does not match his description
  • The Washington Post Ombudsman writes: “The incidents are weeks old, but it’s worth assigning Post reporters to find the truth. “

Would have been nice to assign reporters to find the truth before all thos stories hit your pages, don’t you think Washington Post?

Last week, when pressed to give details or to answer the new charges of lack of evidence of the racial slurs, Rep. Barbara Lee, Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus merely responded: “We hope to move forward”.

For the NAACP to take on this resolution and declare a war of words with the Tea Party movement over these dubious charges is irresponsible and deplorable. They will tell you that they trust the word of Rep. John Lewis. They will say that to deny this episode is to call John Lewis a liar. But, in reality, John Lewis has never gone on record or been quoted in print stating that he heard these racial slurs. Only a spokesperson from his office has said so.

The report of racial slurs has come from one man: Rep. Andre Carson

If the NAACP is going to condemn an entire political movement as racist they had better have a lot more to go on than the claims of a 2-year congressman from Indiana who inherited his grandmother’s seat after she died (Louis Farrakhan spoke at her funeral, by the way). But, that is what they are doing.

They know that this move will create a vociferous response of outraged indignation from Tea Party members across the country. It seems that they to wish to further divide the country and drive wedges between political adversaries who have honest disagreements over political positions.

It’s ironic that as they paint an entire movement as beyond contempt, they don’t recognize that they, in fact are the ones hurling invective by blindly characterizing a group using their own pre-conceived notions and based on lies put forth by politicians hoping to retain power by pitting one race against the other.

It’s ironic and it’s an outrage.


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