Weiner Press Conference Open Thread: UPDATE: 'I Apologize to Andrew Breitbart'


UPDATE II: Now with video.

UPDATE: Rep. Weiner has admitted full responsibility for the Twitter pic posted to his account. There was no hack. There was no prank. He even apologized to Andrew Breitbart. Exact quote, “I apologize to Andrew Breitbart.”

Retracto is currently in training. Going to be a busy week for him making the rounds of the media.

Rep. Anthony Weiner called a press conference for 4pm EDT. BigGovernment.com publisher Andrew Breitbart was in New York for previously scheduled meetings and went to the presser as an observer. Rep. Weiner was, unfortunately for him, late for the conference. The press then asked Andrew to go to the podium to take some questions. It was surreal and awesome. According to FoxNews, a Weiner staff ran through the hotel halls screaming, “Breitbart’s here. Breitbart’s here.”



Anthony Weiner Admits to Online Affairs: MyFoxNY.com


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