A Smart GOP Would Cancel All MSM Debates and Stage Their Own (Updated)


***UPDATE: The DNC just released a video that makes my case perfectly. CNN asks a series of dumb questions that have little to do with the important issues of the day and the DNC exploits this with a viral-video mocking our candidates for ignoring the most important issues of the day.

If you think this is by accident, you haven’t been paying attention:


ABC’s Jake Tapper sees through this but unfortunately there’s only one Jake Tapper. END UPDATE

Laugh at Democrats all you want but their decision during the last election to stay away from Fox News’ debates was brilliant. No one at Fox would’ve been unfair, but they most certainly would’ve asked tougher questions than anyone in the MSM. That’s not a cowardly decision on the Democrats part, it’s a tactically brilliant decision. Why would anyone interested in winning an election willingly put themselves in a less than ideal situation? Unfortunately, the only people who can answer that question are those currently running for the GOP nomination.

Nothing is more important than getting our failed president out of office in 2012 and therefore nothing is more important than nominating someone who can win. This is why the number one quality we should be looking for among our otherwise superb field is someone who understands that when it comes to removing Barack Obama from office, the MSM is the existential threat of 2012 — not the President. In a just world, Obama would have almost no chance of winning re-election, but we don’t live in a just world. We live in a world where Obama’s MSM Palace Guards have set their phasers to kill and intend to take out any threat to Their Precious One without prejudice.

And so last night when I saw our esteemed candidates voluntarily lined up like so many ducks in a MSM shooting gallery, I died a little bit inside. It’s a trap, GOP!, and you can laugh at moderator John King’s questions all you want but I’m guessing that’s exactly what the MSM wants us to do. That way we don’t see the Matrix of what they were really up to. Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

[W]e didn’t learn anything about energy policy. We learned nothing about the deficit, except what the candidates could shoehorn into answers to inane questions. We learned very little about economic or foreign policy. We covered a lot of nonsense between the first question on jobs and the last question on running mates, but hardly anything that touched on actual voter priorities.

Questions that were asked, however, included gay marriage, DADT, Muslim’s in government(?), abortion, immigration, demonizing unions through right to work(!), the separation of church and state, and a host of inane this-or-that’s that included “Coke or Pepsi?” You know, because those issues are so much more important than, say, gas prices.

Morrissey declared CNN the real loser of last night’s debate, but I disagree. What the network did last night was to all but ignore areas in which President Obama is vulnerable (deficit, gas prices, economy, Israel) and instead intensely focused on the social wedge issues that create the kind of soundbites only helpful to the Left. And those this-or-that questions weren’t exactly designed to make anyone on our side look presidential, were they?

The MSM 2012 Matrix is simple: Ensure the election is not a referendum on a failed incumbent by toxifying his opponent.

GOP, you had better wake up before it’s too late and in my opinion it will be too late in September when the double-threat of MSM corruption known and NBC/Politico hosts a debate. NBC and Politico are not honest brokers, they are our undeclared political enemies and any one of our candidates who walks into that rigged game deserves to have their judgment questioned. A wise GOP field would pull out of any and all debates hosted by the MSM, because NEWSFLASH: Primary debates shouldn’t be designed to cater to the media or to the public at large. They should be staged to help primary voters make a difficult choice, to make our side look as good as possible, and — wait for it!, wait for it! — to do as much political damage to President Obama as possible.

Why not arrange for a regular series of debates with tough, intelligent questioners from our side that represent the full right-of-center spectrum, people such as Jonah Goldberg, Thomas Sowell, Mark Steyn, Morrissey, Tammy Bruce, Mary Katherine Hamm, Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, Brit Hume, Hugh Hewitt, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager and on and on?

What’s the downside? That the MSM will get pissy and badmouth us for not playing their rigged game? They’re out to destroy us anyway and we have a much better chance of avoiding that destruction if we fight instead of cave.

And if our side is worried about media exposure … don’t. It’s called New Media. Furthermore, the MSM will have no choice when it comes to covering these debates. The conversation that occurs on New Media will force Old Media to give these events the attention they deserve. Which brings me to the good news: Believe it or not, the corrupt MSM doesn’t completely control the narrative anymore and we need to capitalize on that advantage at every opportunity.

If you don’t understand the threat the MSM poses in 2012, you can’t beat Obama. We have a number of superb candidates more than qualified to be president … but first they have to win.

“Coke or Pepsi, Mr. GOP Candidate?”

“How about not undermining Israel, Mr. In-The-Tank-For-Obama Moderator.”

That person has my vote.


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