New OFA Video About Wall St. Reform-'YAY, Government!'


Organizing for America is back to being Obama for America now that the never ending campaign of President Obama is calling itself one again. Other than that, not much has changed with Team Lightbringer.

The campaign has just released a new video, “How Wall St. Reform is working for you”, that tells a nice story which, none too coincidentally, dovetails perfectly with the president’s caterwauling about “THE RICH!” during the debt ceiling negotiations.

The tale begins by detailing the lead-up to the meltdown that we’re all-too-familiar with at this point. Well, many of us are, anyway. On the other side of the political aisle many of the overwhelming contributing factors have all but been ignored. The video completely forgets to mention the roles that Fannie and Freddie played because honesty doesn’t fit the narrative here. And what, you ask, is that narrative?

That the government is here for you and your lives would be miserable without it, of course.

Even when it’s the government that helped bring the pain in the first place.

The video proclaims the sheer awesomeness of government regulations and their ability to protect you all the while ignoring the fact that it was regulations put in place during the Carter administration that were the original foot on the gas to get the problem going.

The free pass given to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the 2008 campaign was so thorough that Barney Frank was allowed to remain in charge of the House Financial Services committee, despite having been romantically involved with an executive at Fannie Mae while the agency was lobbying to ease lending restrictions.

Many on the Left contend that Fannie and Freddie were bit players in the debacle. In an article posted this week, unapologetic liberal Roger Ebert begs to differ.

It is obvious to anyone who cares that the housing crisis and market collapse were brought about by greedy and dishonest actions by the big banks, Wall Street trading firms, and their unholy co-defendants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

But we’re talking about an OFA video here and the government can only be seen as a benevolent savior. In this telling, only “Wall Street” played a part (and yes, it did). Its companions on the four-headed monster in this horror story are “banks”, “lobbyists” and (queue ominous music) “The New Republican Congress”!

The happy ending assures us all that President Obama just wants to help Americans build “their own secure financial future” with all of this super government help.

Some jobs might help with that.


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