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Lisa Fithian Does Chicago: Twenty Arrested In Direct Action Protests


Over twenty people were arrested in Chicago Monday by groups claiming to be affiliated indirectly with the #Occupy movement. The tactics are reminiscent of those used in the past by radical union employed community organizer Lisa Fithian, who was in Chcago doing ‘training’ for the past few days.

We introduced you to radical anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian a couple of days ago and warned that when Lisa comes to town, chaos and arrest soon follow. Then Breitbart.TV showed you that Lisa Fitihian was in Chicago and making a speech to a crowd of #Occupy Everything chanting zombies.

Look what happened in Chicago yesterday.

According to Reuters…

On Tuesday, 16 people were arrested at a protest at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago where the annual conference of the Mortgage Bankers Association was underway, the Chicago Police spokesman said.

The people arrested at the conference were facing charges of misdemeanor trespassing, he said.

Separately, five women aged 55 to 80 from the Action Now group were also arrested after they took garbage from a foreclosed home owned by Bank of America Corp and dumped it in one of the bank’s branches, the group’s website said.

These protests, which cost cities like Chicago a tremendous amount in both time and resources, was organized by a group called “Stand Up Chicago”.

Reuters says…

Organizers said Monday’s march was inspired by, but not formally affiliated with, the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York last month and sparked smaller protests nationwide.

Fithian used similar language in her General Assembly speech on Monday night about ‘not formally affiliated’ groups, saying…

I was on Wall Street September 17th. I’ve had the pleasure to be involved [in] OccupySanFrancisco, OccupyLA, OccupyDC, and now OccupyChicago! I had that opportunity because as a national network of community-based organizations and unions around the countryhad a fall campaign to shut down the banks.

We’ve done actions in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, L.A., and, this week Chicago. New York, Minneapolis, Next week: Denver, Honolulu, St. Louis is goin’ down too. We’re from different movements, we have different cultures, we’re using different strategies, we have a common enemy: Wall Street!

The attack on the Mortgage Bankers is reminiscent of another ‘direct action’, led by the unions, that Fithian was involved in a year ago in Boston.

This is from a Massachusetts “Jobs With Justice” site and it describes events from October, 2010…

On Tuesday, October 19, activists teamed up with SEIU Local 615, the Alliance to Develop Power and National People’s Action to infiltrate the Hynes Convention Center to take the message right to the bankers’ gathering. A small group of activists went “undercover” into a morning plenary session..


Then, at noon, a larger group of about 40 people rushed past security into the convention center lobby with bullhorns and noisemakers, chanting, “You’re the worst! Time to put people first!”


While Hynes security was disbanding the covert operation around 11:30, about 70 soldiers poured out of the Community Church armed with air horns, cow bells, and whistles. SEIU commander Lisa Fithian unfurled a makeshift map of the Prudential Center, showing her troops how to enter ABA territory through the shopping mall.

This is what Lisa Fithian and the unions ‘troops’ are up to in their attempt to bring down the U.S. economic system. Are the authorities in Denver, Honolulu and St. Louis ready for them?


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