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What Happens in Vegas: The GOP Debate


Tonight, at 8pm EDT, CNN hosts another GOP Presidential debate. Will Romney pull away? Will Cain consolidate his position as a contender or stumble? Can Perry revive is floundering campaign? How blatantly will Anderson Cooper try to smear the candidates? Check back at BG after the debate for reactions from Breitbart editors.

A debate preview from Joel Pollak, EIC:

These debates have become so predictable that I’m going to write up my review in advance. Herman Cain withstood an assault from all sides as the fading candidates tried to knock him off his perch–just as they have done to every previous contender who threatened to turn the contest into a two-person race. Mitt Romney turned in a bland but solid performance, taking a few jabs but otherwise still cruising comfortably at or near the top of a field that cannot summon the will to challenge his views squarely or effectively.

Rick Perry’s weak performance in debates continued, and may prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to his campaign, despite his success in fundraising last quarter. Michelle Bachmann was sharp on the issues, but her attacks on the front-runners were grating. Rick Santorum’s tactic of interrupting candidates finally became tiresome tonight. Newt Gingrich once again took up the necessary task of calling out Anderson Cooper for his palpable bias. Ron Paul and John Huntsman failed to make an impression; they are who we have known them to be. The only excitement tonight came when Perry and Romney squabbled over religion, producing little but sound bites for the DNC to use in the general election, should either of them succeed in winning the nomination. The race remains largely unchanged: it’s going to be Romney versus Cain.

Here are the questions the moderators should have asked the two frontrunners–because they are the questions most important to Republican voters as they decide between Romney and Cain. For Romney: where have you been for the past three years? Where has your voice been as our party and our country has faced their most formidable political and philosophical challenges in decades? For Cain: are you more than 9-9-9? Forget the officials you will appoint–do you have the ideas and the temperament to lead across all areas of government? Unfortunately, with time running out, these are questions that conservative and Republican voters are going to have to ask themselves.


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