HHS: Kids Should Tell Bullies 'It's Not Cool To Bully Here'

HHS: Kids Should Tell Bullies 'It's Not Cool To Bully Here'

The Department of Health and Human Services has relaunched one of their myriad websites dedicated to specific causes: StopBullying.gov. Nobody is for bullying, of course. But there is no reason that the federal government should be involved in this campaign in the first place since, as the website notes, 49 states have laws against bullying.

Moreover, the advice that HHS is offering kids on dealing with bullying is perhaps the least useful advice they will ever receive on the topic. Today, HHS sent out an email blast with the following advice for kids:

If it happens, kids should speak up. “Say things like ‘It’s not cool to bully here. We don’t do things like that.'”

As anybody who has ever attended school recognizes, this is a surefire way to end up stuffed in a locker or a trash can. Telling bullies that bullying is unacceptable is approximately as effective as sending sternly-worded United Nations resolutions to countries like Iran. Bullies must be defeated, not scolded. But HHS isn’t interested in actually solving the bullying problem. They’re far more interested in spending millions of taxpayer dollars turning a local issue into a federal one.