Russia Hires Exxon Mobil to Get Oil Obama Doesn't Want

Russia Hires Exxon Mobil to Get Oil Obama Doesn't Want

Here’s the picture–Alaska contains a wealth of oil both on land, in ANWR, and off shore in its outer continental shelf. But President Obama and the Democrat party are staunchly opposed to allowing us to avail ourselves of it. And via the Keystone Pipeline, Canada could supply nearly 1,000,000 barrels of oil a day that we’re not getting from Alaska, but Obama and the Democrats have stopped that too.

As a result, the price we’re paying per-gallon for gasoline is steadily climbing, and other countries are choosing to go where we won’t for oil. Thus the oil Canada was going to sell us via Keystone will now go to China and oil up near the Arctic will be going to Russia. And the company Russia has hired to do the extraction is none other than Exxon Mobil.

Think about how backward things are under Obama–the largest oil company in America is going to be drilling in waters around the Arctic where they expect to find 85 billion barrels in recoverable oil. And instead of sending it to Texas refineries, and thereafter to gas stations across America, the oil will be sent to Russia and refined for their use.

By the way, if extracted at the rate of 1 million barrels a day, 85 billion barrels of oil would last for 85,000 days.  85,000 days equals well over 200 years.  Yet here we are, listening to Obama telling us the future is one of wind farms, electric cars, and a companies like Solyndra.

Perhaps we’ll get lucky and Russia will sell us some of their oil. If Obama keeps us in this energy stranglehold we’re going to need it.


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