Video: Occupy's 'Black Bloc' in Shoving Match with Police

Video: Occupy's 'Black Bloc' in Shoving Match with Police

New video of a May Day march in New York shows black bloc anarchists in a shoving match with the NYPD. Aas officers try to separate some individuals from the crowd, other anarchists pull them back in. Protesters then begin screaming at the police, “Cops! Pigs! Murderers!”

Here’s is the description which accompanies the video:

May Day 2012. 1pm: “Wildcat” strikers assemble at Sara Roosevelt Park in the Lower East Side (NYC). Around 1:30pm, a march begins, led by a Black Bloc, including hundreds of OWS protestors and student strikers, but the NYPD intervene almost immediately, pulling protestors out of the crowd, tackling them to the ground. A pile-up ensued. Meanwhile, hundreds of marchers headed south onto the streets of the Lower East Side while police were distracted with the initial arrests.

Black Bloc anarchists were responsible for a rash of vandalism in Seattle today. Also, this morning the FBI announced the arrest of five Occupy-connected anarchists who attempted to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio. Fortunately, what they thought were C4 plastic explosives actually contained an inert material provided by undercover FBI agents.


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