Obama In Danger of Losing Arkansas Primary

Obama In Danger of Losing Arkansas Primary

After President Obama’s humiliating showing against a West Virginia prison inmate earlier this month, a more serious humiliation could be in making after the May 22 Arkansas primary. According to a new poll of Arkansas Democrats taken by Talk Business-Hendrix College [added: in Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District], Obama is only seven points ahead (45-38) of his challenger, a relatively unknown attorney by the name of John Wolfe.

According to our friends at The Weekly Standard, Wolfe hasn’t done a single radio or television ad.

In West Virginia, a prisoner garnered nearly 42% of the vote against this sitting president. In North Carolina, “no preference” took 20% of the vote away from Obama. In national and many battleground state polls, even when he’s ahead, Obama is stuck in the mid-forties — the worst possible place for an incumbent to be.

This is an incumbent in way more trouble than the corrupt media wants to let on. But even though they refuse to report it, the media does know Obama’s in trouble. All you need do is look … at … their … increasingdesperation.

But nothing displays the corrupt media’s desperation more than the fact that this pretty major story is being marginalized and/or ignored in most MSM outlets — even as they find time to do oppo-research on private citizens who support Romney. 

And then there’s the desperation of the White House.




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