Rep. Marcy Kaptur's Thirty Years of Failed Policies

Rep. Marcy Kaptur's Thirty Years of Failed Policies


Here is something you won’t read in the mainstream press. Not in the Toledo Blade, the Cleveland Plain Dealer or even USA Today: 1. Barack Obama is out of touch and opposed to the free-enterprise system. 2.  Marcy Kaptur is a member in good standing of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), founded by Socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Now, I’m not knocking the CPC members but let’s be honest: the Democrat Party is the natural place for politicians whose goal is a more powerful centralized government. When Barack Obama was campaigning in my neighborhood for President in 2008, he told me to my face that he just wanted to “spread the wealth around,” and to that end, we now know he’s a man of his word

But he could not have done it alone. Two years earlier, Democrat majorities were swept into the House and Senate and the 2006 Pelosi / Reid Congress provided the perfect vessel to ram through the failed stimulus, ObamaCare and $5 trillion more debt. And Marcy Kaptur was right there, rubber-stamping nearly every one of Barack Obama’s failed policies. In fact, for nearly 30 years, Ms. Kaptur has been a reliable vote for taxes, more regulation and bigger government.

With Marcy Kaptur’s support, our government partially owns two of the three big automakers, and controls the lion’s share of mortgages through Freddie and Fannie. She voted for ObamaCare which puts control of the healthcare industry into the hands of government bureaucrats, against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of Americans.

If Barack Obama is re-elected, and enough Marcy Kaptur’s do their Liberal Democrat duty, the debt will continue to pile up until the bubble bursts – and the only place people will have to turn to is government. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s basic economics. We’ll eventually collapse.

According to reports, we now have hard evidence that while running for Senator in Illinois, Barack Obama was a member of the radical far left “New Party,” devoted to ridding our country of capitalism and replacing it with a European-style socialist system. He also signed a “contract” promising to publicly support, and associate himself with, the group while in office. However…

When he ran for president, he not only lied about being a member of the New Party, but when Stanley Kurtz of the National Review called him out on it, his campaign said the claim was a “crackpot smear.” President Obama got busted, but have you read about it in the Toledo Blade, the Cleveland Plain Dealer or the USA Today? Nope. Is it kinda important? Yep.

Then there’s Marcy Kaptur who is my opponent in the race for Congress in Ohio’s 9th District. I can’t stop telling you she’s been in office for nearly 30 years because I’m amazed by that. Who is she? What has she done? What does she believe in? Have you read all about her in the Toledo Blade, the Cleveland Plain Dealer or USA Today?

Sure there are reports (even documents) of her being part of the Democrat Socialists of America, but let’s drop the labels and check where she’s been and what she’s done – then you make the call.

Back in the 70’s when the hip, young, and impressionable Barry Obama was smoking marijuana  with the Choom gang in Hawaii, Marcy Kaptur was getting her government groove on. She worked for the county as an urban planner for five years and then as an “urban planning consultant’ for three more. This led to a job in the Jimmy Carter White House as Assistant Director for Urban Affairs.

Cut to 1982: Marcy Kaptur is first elected to Congress. Wow. She must have despised Ronald Reagan, because Ms. Kaptur got busy opposing nearly everything he stood for, which, by the way, resulted in 25 years of uninterrupted prosperity, led to victory in the Cold War, and freedom for tens of millions when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Reagan tax cuts? Kaptur: Nay. Shoring up our military? Kaptur: Nay. Repealing job-killing regulations? Kaptur: Nay… But thanks to that Reagan leadership, the hard working, innovative American workforce ramped up unprecedented levels of economic growth, which created millions of good, high-paying jobs with long-term prospects. Despite Marcy Kaptur’s resistance, Ohio benefitted greatly from the Reagan Revolution.

Through the 90’s, Marcy Kaptur continued to cast votes to grow government, raise taxes, gut our military and make it harder for businesses to thrive in America. After 9/11, she compared Osama bin Laden to American patriots in the Revolutionary War. You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

Today, in addition to being one of the Democrats listed as having been part of the aforementioned “American Socialist Party,” Marcy Kaptur is a member of something called the “Congressional Progressive Caucus.” One of the “core principles” listed on their website is “economic justice,” which, of course, means ‘spread the wealth around’… You know, if it looks like a duck?

I could go on. I will, in fact, because this is important.

— Along the way, Marcy Kaptur voted against aid to the Contra rebels, fighting the Soviet-backed, Marxist Sandinista dictatorship of Nicaragua in the 1980s

— She voted against establishing Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

— She voted against term limits. (Surprise!)

— She is not for lowering taxes. Marcy Kaptur voted against major tax cut proposals in April 1995, Sept. 1998, February 2000, March 2000, May 2001, May 2003, and May 2006… to list just a few.

— Marcy Kaptur claims to be a champion of energy independence, but in 2001, she voted against exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

— In 2007, she voted against the surge in Iraq, which resulted in much-needed support for our troops and ultimately led to the war’s success.

— In 2011, she voted against barring the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

— In 2011, she voted against the balanced budget amendment.

Much has been made of last year’s redrawing of the 9th Congressional district in Ohio after the state lost TWO congressional seats.  Ohio residents, mostly young, are fleeing the state to find work. Businesses have been driven out by liberal policies and the jobs are simply gone.

I don’t really care what label you use to describe President Obama or Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Their actions — high taxes, increased regulation – it all leads to businesses shutting down, packing up, and moving to where it’s less hostile. It’s Marcy Kaptur’s record we’re talking about here, not the name of any group she belongs to or associates with…

… Then again, it’s probably a duck.


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