Occupy Chicago Avoids Police While Investigating Disappearance of 16-Year-Old Girl

Occupy Chicago Avoids Police While Investigating Disappearance of 16-Year-Old Girl

Occupy Chicago appears to be engaged in its own missing person investigation. It’s really no surprise, considering members’ disdain for law enforcement authorities. During NATO protests in Chicago, Occupy Chicago adopted the “Chicago Principles,” a code of conduct that prohibited “snitching” on other members and organizations aligned with their radical movement. And reportedly, some in the group are abiding by these “principles” to the letter.

Monday morning, EAG News reported a 16-year-old connected to Occupy Chicago has gone missing, and Occupy Chicago, despite concerns of the missing girl’s mother, is attempting to keep matters in its own hands.

On June 19, a leader of Occupy Chicago contacted fellow travelers with this alert, titled “HELP: Missing Minor – Last Seen with Nemo.”

“Has anyone seen or heard from Nemo recently? He was last seen with a 16-year-old girl that came to GA [general assembly] last Saturday. Her mother is really worried. Any information on how to get in contact with him would be very, very helpful.”

Another wrote in response:

“It’s good to help these people find their kid, but from what I can tell we have no evidentiary basis for assuming that she is actually with Nemo. Please keep this in mind as you talk about cops being involved or before you imply anything about Nemo being ‘in big trouble’.”

Another wrote: “*update* we talked to Nemo. Word is that she’s going to the rainbow gathering and is NOT with Nemo. From what Nemo said last time he saw her was sat.

Okay, great! They heard from suspect “Nemo.” And Nemo said the missing girl “Becky” was not with him. Nemo said she was going to the “rainbow gathering.”

Of course, this warrants a few followup questions. What is the rainbow gathering? Where is the rainbow gathering? Are there any contacts at the rainbow gathering to confirm when Becky arrives? Why is Occupy Chicago still trying to find Becky without the help of the police? Are they more concerned about keeping them from questioning Nemo, the last person to reportedly see and hear from Becky, than actually using all resources necessary to find her? 

The supposed update from Nemo came four days ago. There hasn’t been any further communication in the Occupy thread since that update, so how hard are they really trying today to find Becky?

Behavior like this is no different than an organized crime syndicate. Someone goes missing; go to person x, person y, and person z, but don’t go to the police. You never want to attract unwanted police attention when you are doing something wrong.

All these questions, patterns of behavior, and despicable lifestyles of those in the Occupy Movement to this point in time beg even more questions. As EAG News notes, why and how could good people–teachers, in fact–align themselves with such a lowly group? Time and again, the Chicago Teachers Union has come out in support of and proudly claimed to be front and center with Occupy Chicago. Jesse Sharkey, the CTU’s Vice President, even commanded an entire group of teachers in a recent protest march to follow his lead in a “mic check,” Occupy’s iconic form of group chant communication.

Are these the kind of people with whom we want our educators to be front and center? The educators of our children, who spend countless hours with them early in their lives, are proudly marching with those who would rather keep the police out of the search for one these educators’ students, and parents are okay with that?

As Kyle Olsen of EAG News appropriately asks, “How long will the people of Chicago allow their teachers to be involved with such a sickening, irresponsible organization?”

Unfortunately, with the Chicago media still refusing to report the real news about the Occupy movement -the ties between it and local unions, especially that of the Chicago Teachers Union – most Chicagoans and parents will continue to remain in the dark about issues that specifically relate to the safety of their children.


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