Obama Runs From Obamacare, Claims 'Stabilized Economy' Greatest Achievement

Obama Runs From Obamacare, Claims 'Stabilized Economy' Greatest Achievement

During an interview with Charlie Rose the President backed away from claiming his own health care law as his signature achievement. Instead, he claims that the non-existent stability of the American economy is his real achievement.

President Obama said his proudest achievement over the past three and a half years is stabilizing the economy, not his signature health care reform law.

The President roared only recently “The law I passed is here to stay!” and the campaign distributed “Because of Obamacare” literature at an event earlier this month.However, after witnessing the sheer unpopularity of the law the President and his surrogates are now working feverishly to distance him from it, going so far as to brand the term “Obamacare” as Racist™.

The crown jewel of the Obama administration, the very law for which so many campaigned, the basis for which so many claimed “progress,” is now an eyesore and they’re desperate to push it off into the distance. The campaign has finally stopped pretending that the public will ever consider Obamatax a fait accompli and have moved to disown it.

There’s a reason why: Obama is either tied or his lead eclipsed by Romney in battleground states and the American public hates Obamacare as much as always. Nationally, support has never been in the majority, and state-by-state reflects the same. 

Other recent polling emphasizes the campaign’s need for a different approach:

Majority believe Obama has changed country for worse

Veterans Give Romney Big Lead Over Obama

Shock Poll: Romney now leads among women

Romney opens 10-point lead among Independents

Rasmussen poll shows Obama job disapproval 59% among Catholics

In U.S., Fear of Big Government at Near-Record Level

The other extraordinary part of the President’s remarks is his uncertainty as to how exactly our economy is performing. In the interview with Rose, he says the economy is stable, yet during this campaign speech he bemoans the blame placed upon him by Republicans for economic instability. 

So which is it? Either the economy is “doing fine” and it’s because of President Obama, or it’s doing horribly because of George Bush. Obama needs to pick one narrative and stick with it. 


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