100% Gun Control Can't Stop Crazy

100% Gun Control Can't Stop Crazy

In the wake of the deadly and senseless shootings in Colorado, Democrats and the anti-gun lobby have come out in a full court press for more restrictions on firearms and firearm accessories: particularly for bans on high capacity mags and assault rifles. 

And they would ultimately like U.S. gun laws to reflect those in Norway, where “a license is required to own a gun” and “many categories of guns, including automatics and powerful handguns, are banned from sale altogether.” Where weapons can only be transported for certain reasons, and even then cannot be loaded or concealed on one’s person. And where  guns are required to be stored in specific types of safes, and those requirements give police the right to enter houses to be sure guns are being stored properly. 

In other words, the gun-grabbers in America would like guns to be nearly impossible to acquire and once they’re acquired, they’d like them to be equally as difficult to use.

By the way, last summer in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik used a firearm to kill 76 people, thus proving that all the gun control in the world can’t stop an evil man from doing evil. Or, to put it as a friend of mine recently did, 100% gun control can’t stop crazy.

Evil men will be evil and crazy men will be crazy. The ultimate check on the behavior of both is an armed citizenry.


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