Let's Talk About Who Wants To Control Women

Let's Talk About Who Wants To Control Women

Democrats are desperate to change the subject from their losing battle on Medicare to government control of health. GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin made a ridiculous comment regarding his opinion on rape and abortion after which Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill and the DNC claimed that Akin wants to control women’s bodies. This coming from the woman and party who championed Obamacare, a law that will legitimately control all women’s bodies, and men’s bodies, too. 

To wit: Robert Gibbs confirms the existence of the so-called “death panels” — an unelected board comprised of people who will determine your health care needs.

Under Obamacare women’s decisions on their health will be overseen by a litany of bureaucrats. There exists no privacy in Obamacare; HHS will know your health history and each doctor who treats you will too, regardless of discipline:

The law doesn’t guarantee that contraceptives or morning-after pills are covered. It’s up to the president. That means any future president could decide not to cover them. (Sec. 1302)

The wide variety of views expressed by the current presidential candidates should alert women not to surrender their insurance choices to the discretion of one person. By compelling you to enroll in a one-size-fits-all plan, that’s what the Obama health law does.

Who makes health decisions: Currently, the federal government does not interfere in how doctors treat privately insured patients. Under the Obama health law, the government will standardize medical care, affecting you even if you are in a private health plan you paid for yourself.

Sec. 1311 (h) (1) says private insurers can pay only doctors and hospitals that follow whatever federal regulations the secretary imposes in the name of health quality. Obamacare gives the secretary breathtaking power to standardize medical practice. It could mean dictating when your orthopedist recommends a hip replacement or your cardiologist prescribes a cholesterol-reducing drug.

Women have been sounding the warning cry about this for some time:

Here, the law’s defenders insist that women will love the mandate that all organizations — including religiously affiliated ones — must buy insurance that covers contraception without any copay.In any case, a recent New York Times/CBS poll found that a majority of women believe that religious organizations should not have to cover the full cost of birth control. A plurality of women even said that no employer — secular or religious — should be forced to supply contraceptives.These women recognize that a government powerful enough to mandate birth-control coverage is also powerful enough to someday take it — or any other medical service — away.

The White House sold the law as a way to reduce the deficit by $140 billion over the next 10 years. In fact, a recent report by Dr. Charles Blahous, a public trustee for Social Security and Medicare, shows that the new health-care law will add $346 billion to $527 billion to the deficit over the next decade.That’s money that future generations will have to shell out in the form of higher taxes and reduced services from the federal government. ObamaCare, in other words, gives mothers yet one more worry about their kids’ futures. 

If keeping one’s family healthy and preserving a strong economy for future generations aren’t women’s issues, then what are?

Women are also hit harder via Obamacare excise taxes. Women are penalized under Obamacare … for simply being women.

Democrats like McCaskill sold false goods:

The claim that women will be able, under ObamaCare to receive preventative care, such as mammograms, at no out-of-pocket cost is a variation on the free lunch myth — the idea that money can be spent at nobody’s expense. (5) The preventative care procedures that doctors will not be obligated to perform at no out-of-pocket cost to the consumer will still have to be paid for by somebody. In this case, that somebody is the insurance company. The increase in costs to the insurance companies to pay for this “free lunch” will still end up being paid in the form of increased premiums by all the customers of that insurance company — including those not receiving any preventative care at all.


The prohibition against charging women higher premiums than insurance companies charge to men of the same age and general health status also flies in the face of the basic concept of insurance. Studies have shown that, in addition to the costs created by women needing maternity care (which, of course, are an entire set of regular and event-related costs that do not apply to males), women are more likely to make more frequent visits to their physicians, thus resulting in increased costs to the insurance companies


The harm that comes to women through ObamaCare may not just be through the fallacies of what ObamaCare claims it does for women, but also through cost-based prohibitions on certain treatments and drugs, like Avastin, that very well could save lives.Another example is mammograms. For women between the ages of 40-49, mammograms were rated a C-level (or, unnecessary) preventative service.(12) Decisions for who should get a mammogram should be made by doctors and patients, not by federal bureaucrats who are seeking to contain costs.

Claire McCaskill invited Uncle Sam into the doctor examination rooms of millions of American women by championing Obamacare. This isn’t her opinion, it’s not “misspeech,” she made it law


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