New Poll: Akin Leads McCaskill By 1, Down By 8

New Poll: Akin Leads McCaskill By 1, Down By 8

Public Policy Polling released a new poll on the Missouri Senate race post-“legitimate rape” debacle. 

Two things: I’m not forming an opinion, nor should anyone really, until we have more information on the sample used. I’m also torn as to whether it’s an accurate gauge of Missouri voters, thus showing how tone-deaf the beltway is, or gamed to throw the race. And really? A poll so soon? As if there’s any chance of actual measurement so soon. 

Either way, Akin’s funding is drying up and GOP is determined to freeze him out somehow. If he refuses to exit stage right by tomorrow at 5 p.m. central then his name will remain on the ballot and cue confusion. The GOP may altogether abandon the race if he doesn’t leave. 

The stage is quietly being set for a new challenger. Sources tell me names like John Brunner, Sarah Steelman, MO2 GOP congressional candidate Ann Wagner mentioned, along with MO State Senator Jim Lembke, Catherine Hanaway, Jo Ann Emerson, and others. The Missouri GOP would select the candidate, not the voters, which is a big pill to swallow for voters. 


This just in from Survey USA

By 5:3, Missourians say Congressman Todd Akin, a Republican running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill, should drop out of the race, following comments about rape and abortion made public 08/19/12, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted 08/20/12 for KSDK-TV in St. Louis, and KSPR-TV and KYTV-TV in Springfield MO.

54% statewide, including a majority of men and women, and a majority of those in 4 of the state’s 5 regions, say Akin should quit the race and allow another Republican to run in his place. 35% say Akin should continue his bid to unseat McCaskill. A large majority, 76%, do not share Akin’s views on rape and pregnancy. But it is important to note that 13% do share his views, including 16% of pro-life voters, 19% of conservatives and 24% of African Americans. Akin says that he mis-spoke. But 55% in Missouri don’t buy it.

Missourians are conflicted about whether Akin’s views are widely held. Just 14% say Akin’s views are shared by “most men”; but 24% say Akin’s views are shared by “most Republicans.”

Adults, not likely voters or registered voters. Small sample, but still, is it curtain time?


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