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Ann Wagner

House Republicans Re-Introduce Born-Alive Act to Protect Babies from Infanticide

“To my colleagues, this is the simplest vote you will ever take: either you support babies being killed after they are born or you don’t,” she asserted. “It is time to go on the record and make clear if you think babies born alive deserve medical care, or if you think they should be left to die.”


Chip Gerdes Memorialized on House Floor

Rep. Ann Wagner memorialized Chip Gerdes on the House floor tonight: Immediately after this, Chip was also memorialized by Rep. Rodney Davis.

GOP Operative: Republicans 'Will Run A Write-In' To Defeat Akin

This morning on ABC’s ‘This Week’ Mary Matalin said Republicans would run a write-in candidate to defeat Akin. Matlin also said Republicans would “transfer the money” to Ann Wagner a former chairwoman of the Missouri GOP who is currently running

GOP Operative: Republicans 'Will Run A Write-In' To Defeat Akin

New Poll: Akin Leads McCaskill By 1, Down By 8

Public Policy Polling released a new poll on the Missouri Senate race post-“legitimate rape” debacle.  Two things: I’m not forming an opinion, nor should anyone really, until we have more information on the sample used. I’m also torn as to

New Poll: Akin Leads McCaskill By 1, Down By 8

MO Congressional Race Turns Ugly As Daily Caller Is Dragged Into Mudpit

The race for Missouri’s Second Congressional District turned ugly thanks to a shoddy hit this week by the Ed Martin campaign on conservative Ann Wagner. Unfortunately, Steven Nelson at Daily Caller published the misinformation, and missed several important facts. Ed

**HOLD**STILL EDITING** Did The Daily Caller Pull A Politico?

The Daily Caller pulled a Politico last night and published opposition material from a disgruntled candidate as a legitimate story, replete with “anonymous sources.” The story was to be a hit on Missouri 2nd congressional candidate Ann Wagner and the

Ann Wagner Announces Candidacy for House

The former Chair of the Missouri Republican Party announced her candidacy for the seat currently held by Todd Akin who will be running for the U.S. Senate.

Friday Free-for-all: RNC Edition

Today, the RNC selects a new Chair. Either Michael Steele, Ann Wagner, Maria Cino, Sal Anuzis or Reince Priebus will lead the party into the critical 2012 elections.

Ingraham's Odd Interview with Ann Wagner On Illegal Immigration

I’m hard-pressed to understand why a producer for the Laura Ingraham Show would misleadingly push an audio clip of Ann Wagner on her show today discussing illegal immigration as seemingly damaging. In the first place, Ingraham is certainly savvy enough

RNC Candidate Defends Path to Citizenship on Laura Ingraham Show

Further analysis at Big Journalism: Righting the Right: Ann Wagner With Ingraham On Illegal Immigration Laura Ingraham grills RNC Chair candidate Ann Wagner on her positions relating to the border, illegal immigration and the 14th Amendment. Further analysis at Big

Next RNC Chair Could Be A Tea Drinking Female

Yesterday, FreedomWorks and the Conservative Steering Committee brought together four top contenders to potentially replace Michael Steele as head of a cash-strapped RNC. While the race is presumably wide-open and the event may have little bearing on how it ultimately