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DNC Speakers: The Usual Angry, Leftist Suspects

DNC Speakers: The Usual Angry, Leftist Suspects

They can’t help themselves; the Democrats are angry, frustrated and scared, and the list of speakers they are trotting out reveals that they are more desperate than ever. Let’s take a look at these attack dogs (with a brief example of their gentle demeanors):

John Kerry, attacking the United States:

Each day to facilitate the process by which the United States washes her hands of Vietnam, someone has to give up his life so that the United States doesn’t have to admit something that the entire world already knows … so that we can’t say that we’ve made a mistake.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, insinuating Republicans are racist:

When you have a party that says coded things, that makes totally false ads up, falsely saying the president is trying to undo welfare reform, I think you’re going to see a lot of heavily and not-so-subtly coded messages from the Romney-Ryan campaign.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, 1996, referring to people who had betrayed his boss Bill Clinton in 1992:

Suddenly Emanuel grabbed his steak knife and, as those who were there remember it, shouted out the name of another enemy, lifted the knife, then brought it down with full force into the table. ‘Dead!’ he screamed. The group immediately joined in the cathartic release: ”Nat Landow! Dead! Cliff Jackson! Dead! Bill Schaefer! Dead!’

Nancy Pelosi, speaking of enforcing immigration laws: “I think it’s un-American.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, speaking of wealthy supporters of Mitt Romney: “If this flood of outside money continues, the day after the election, 17 angry old white men will wake up and realize they’ve just bought the country!”

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver, speaking of the Trayvon Martin case: “The police department is (sic) almost an accessory to the crime. They did nothing!”

Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who joined with Cleaver to claim they were called “niggers” by Tea Party members near the Capitol, and had to shut up when Andrew Breitbart offered $10,000 if they could prove it – and they couldn’t.

There is a lot of anger from the Left, which is nothing new; by definition, they are usually angry, unhappy people who are desperate to destroy traditions and erect new ones of their own making.

And there is massive hypocrisy as well: the Dems have been pushing their War on Women meme, but Bill Clinton, a serial adulterer and accused rapist, is prominently featured (although it should be stated, the Democrats are forgiving people; former Time reporter Nina Burleigh once famously said, “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”)

There is un acknowledged fear in the Democrats’ choice of Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, who has been reinflated since being flattened after Obama threw him under the bus; this after he had said he was “uncomfortable” with the Obama campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital record.  Booker’s appearance is a transparent attempt to transmit to Democrats around the country that their members are not deserting the sinking ship.

And most obliviously, in their response to the RNC’s choice of an American icon, Clint Eastwood, the Democrats have chosen someone who is of equivalent status, someone whose image is larger than life. May we present —

Eva Longoria? Now there’s someone that has legendary status.

They’re mad. They’re hypocrites. They’re afraid. They’re oblivious.

They’re Democrats.


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