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DOJ Gets Shifty at DNC12 Regarding Occupy

DOJ Gets Shifty at DNC12 Regarding Occupy

Last week, during the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, Florida, Breitbart News released video showing what appeared to be Department of Justice (DOJ) employees helping organize anti-RNC/Occupy protesters. The DOJ field Reps were part of the DOJ’s Community Relations Service.

Once again, I noticed several DOJ employees during the Occupy protests against the Democratic National Convention today, and attempted to interview one of them. He can be seen in the video below instructing me to contact the “person in charge” from the DOJ named Louis Ruffino. Another man interjected his explanation of the DOJ’s Community Relations Service as well.

I then called the DOJ’s Louis Ruffino. Ruffino stated he was there to answer questions. He asked who I was with. Once identifying myself as being with Breitbart News, he instructed me that he couldn’t answer my questions and then gave me another person’s name with the DOJ. His name is Mitch Rivard.

He has yet to return my call for comment. This appears to be the DOJ having one set of media contacts for outlets it deems as friendly, and another set for media outlets deemed as critical or otherwise unsupportive.


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