Forecast: 0% Chance of Rain for Obama's Speech

Forecast: 0% Chance of Rain for Obama's Speech

Yesterday, when the DNC scrapped plans for Obama to give his acceptance speech at Bank of America stadium, a local meteorologist expressed surprise. He noted that the weather forecast for today had been steadily improving over past 48 hours. A number of people thought the DNC could have monitored the improving conditions and waited another day before pulling the plug. This is probably why they didn’t wait: the weather forecast for tonight’s speech is now 0% chance of rain. ZERO.

To be sure, there is very likely to be rain in Charlotte today. Forecast says around lunchtime there is a 75% chance of rain. But, the thing is, Obama isn’t speaking at lunchtime. He and Joe Biden speak around 10pm EDT. The rain will have likely long ended by then. After 4pm the chance of rain drops to 30%. In the Midwest, where I grew up, a 30% chance of rain was a don’t-bother-to-bring-your-umbrella day. 

At 10pm, when the Great One was scheduled to ascend the stage, there is no chance of rain then or the rest of the night. 

If the DNC hadn’t rushed to pull the trigger yesterday, how would have they reacted to the greatly improved weather forecast today. Their hands would have been tied to the stadium speech.

It is more than clear that the DNC scrapped the large venue because they wouldn’t be able to fill the seats. The rain and “lightening” excuse was a barely plausible thin veneer yesterday. And now, there isn’t even any rain. 

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