Soros Gives $1M to Obama Super PAC After Netanyahu Snub

Soros Gives $1M to Obama Super PAC After Netanyahu Snub

Remember when President Obama’s re-election campaign and its allies complained about billionaire Sheldon Adelson giving cash to Republican super PACs? This time? Or this time? Or this time? Or this time? Or this time?

They apparently have no such qualms about radical left financier George Soros doing the same thing. Today, news broke that Soros is handing $1 million to Priorities USA Action, President Obama’s chief super PAC. He’s also giving $500,000 to two other super PACs backing Democrats for Congress. The announcement came at a luncheon headlined by former President Bill Clinton, and attended by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Schumer announced plans back in February 2012 to investigate whether super PACs work with campaigns; Pelosi has pushed legislation to target super PACs. At the luncheon, Democratic-affiliated super PACs were expected to pick up some $10 million. Soros had already handed over $1 million to American Bridge, an organization that essentially does contracting work for super PACs, and is run by Soros favorite and Media Matters founder David Brock.

Priorities USA Action isn’t merely a generic super PAC. It’s the president’s leading attack dog, the same group that released the vile Joe Soptic ad accusing Mitt Romney of laying off Soptic while at Bain Capital, thereby condemning Soptic’s wife to death from cancer. The group has clearly coordinated with the Obama campaign. And it’s run by Bill Burton, former White House deputy press secretary, along Democrat strategist Paul Begala, with a hand from Brock.

It is no coincidence that this week, President Obama refused to meet again and again with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Soros is famously and rabidly anti-Israel. He despises Netanyahu. He is one of the chief funders of the anti-Israel group J Street, which poses as a pro-Israel group while stumping for non-action on Iran. Soros’ cash is feeding Obama’s anti-Israel politics.

And meanwhile, the Obama team continues to pretend that Sheldon Adelson is the problem. They’re hypocrites. What’s worse, they’re anti-Israel hypocrites.


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