Plouffe: We Expected Aggressive, Not Dishonest Mitt

Plouffe: We Expected Aggressive, Not Dishonest Mitt

We all wondered which tack the Obama campaign would take after Wednesday night’s debacle. Now we know; they’re claiming that Mitt Romney is a liar. Top aide David Plouffe said that Team Obama was unprepared for the “remarkable” level of “dishonesty” displayed by Mitt Romney:

We expected an aggressive Mitt Romney – that’s who he is. And in the primary, it was clear that the truth was really not his primary concern, but I still think it was remarkable to see him start the debate essentially… saying I don’t have a $5 trillion tax cut plan. Think about that. To say it doesn’t exist is a remarkable thing.

This is too funny. Just where does the Obama campaign come up with a study that says Romney is lying about the $5 trillion tax cut? Let’s check with the official Obama website, Politico: “POLITICO’s Josh Gerstein and Darren Samuelsohn reported that independent experts have concluded Romney’s tax plan would indeed add up to $5 trillion.”

What did Politico report?

“Independent analysts say Romney’s numbers don’t add up.”

Which “independent” analysts?

The rate cuts and other changes he’s proposing would indeed total almost $5 trillion over 10 years, and though he said Wednesday he’d pay for those cuts by reducing deductions and credits, a study by the Tax Policy Center found that it was “mathematically impossible” to cover the $5 trillion reduction by eliminating tax breaks solely on high-income taxpayers.

The Tax Policy Center is independent? Who the hell does POLITICO think they’re kidding? The Tax Policy Center is an arm of the leftist Brookings Institution and is supported by the Urban League, another leftist Institution.

Give it up, Dems. You’re calling Romney a liar by citing your own minions as independent references?

Plouffe, laughably, doubled down on the charge: “Going forward, one of the things we’re going to have to address is that dishonesty. It’s hard to remember a time in American politics where you had someone who’s a major nominee for the presidency being that fundamentally dishonest about core parts of his campaign platform.”

Try this, dunderhead. How about as recently as the DNC, when Obama lied about the God and Israel changes, pretending that he hadn’t vetted them before the convention?

Don’t bother lying to us, Mr. Plouffe. Everyone knows who the real liar in this campaign is, and it’s not the man who decimated your boss. You ought to know better than anyone.


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