Rep. Tom Price: We Need 'Red State Leadership' in House

Rep. Tom Price: We Need 'Red State Leadership' in House

Rep. Tom Price is a respected leader of conservatives in the House. A former chair of the Republican Study Committee, the in-house caucus of conservative legislators, he has long been at the forefront of crafting conservative solutions to our nation’s policy challenges. Appearing this morning on WMAL, Price told Breitbart New’s Larry O’Connor that it was time for “red state leadership” in the House. The statement will likely send shockwaves through the GOP caucus. 

Breitbart New’s Matt Boyle has reported extensively on the growing rift within the GOP after the disastrous “fiscal cliff” negotiations. There is a growing sense among conservatives that current House Leadership isn’t forceful enough in standing up to Obama and the Democrats’ push to raise taxes and boost government spending. There is little public engagement on how conservative alternatives could boost economic growth and begin to fix our nation’s debt crisis. 

Price’s statement is the first sign that the rift is spilling out into the public. He is the most senior lawmaker to voice discomfort with Leadership’s direction. His call for “red state leadership” is telling, as all current Leaders hail from states that voted to reelect Obama and send Democrats to the US Senate.

The new Congress convenes tomorrow at noon. The first order of business will be electing a Speaker of the House. John Boehner remains the favorite for reelection, but Cantor’s move yesterday to publicly split with Boehner on the Senate “cliff” deal and Price’s statement this morning indicate that a challenge is brewing. 

Price’s statement suggests today will be filled with lots of political maneuvering. 2013 is not arriving quietly.

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