Student Who Performed at Obama Inauguration Shot Dead In Chicago

Student Who Performed at Obama Inauguration Shot Dead In Chicago

The heartbreaking gun violence the media chooses to ignore because there would be no political upside in reporting it, continues unabated in Obama’s Chicago — a city run only by Democrats and unions, and with some of the toughest gun controls in the country (see why the media ignores it?). Already this year, 41 people have been murdered in the Windy City, a ten-year record. Yesterday, 15 year-old Hadiya Pendleton was number 42.

Hadiya wasn’t a drug dealer or gang member or any kind of troublemaker, as far as we know. She was a lovely, young honor student who enjoyed the privilege of performing with her school band at President Obama’s inauguration earlier this month. Yesterday, after an exam, she was gunned down in a Chicago park known to be frequented by gang members.

As I write this, all three cable networks are broadcasting wall-to-wall coverage of congressional gun control hearings. Obama and the Democrats and the media are currently on a crusade to pass laws that would have done nothing to stop the Sandy Hook massacre that supposedly inspired this crusade. And if the slaying of Hadiya Pendleton ends up being what it looks like, those laws would have done nothing to save her young life.

You see, Democrats and their media aren’t all that concerned with hundreds upon hundreds of poor, mostly minority, gun-violence victims in Chicago. Because, in order to make such a thing a national cause, they must explain why a city completely controlled by Democrats isn’t working; why a place where suffocating gun controls are in place is experiencing record murder rates; why what on paper should be a Liberal Utopia is a near-bankrupt hell-hole.  

The media has a choice. While pretending its gun control crusade will save a life, it can exploit Sandy Hook into a culture war against the NRA and the mostly conservative Red State types who own assault weapons. Or the media can go into Chicago and actually make a difference by calling attention to and focusing on what turned it into the Wild West.

As we all know, the media has already made its choice. And if you’re wondering how they sleep at night, that’s an easy one. The murdered in Chicago aren’t victims; they’re sacrifices to The Cause.



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