Chicago Shooting Spree, Day 30: 42 Killed So Far

Chicago Shooting Spree, Day 30: 42 Killed So Far

The number of homicides in Chicago for January stands at 42, and the month isn’t over.

This makes it “the most deadly January in more than ten years.” 

The most recent of the 42 homicides was the Tuesday murder of a 15-year old girl who took part in Obama’s second inauguration. The girl, Hadiya Pendleton, was standing with a group of friends in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park when a gunman ran up, opened fire, then fled the scene. 

In short, while gun control proponents in Chicago promise peace and safety, it seems they are actually on the verge of delivering another year like 2012–a year in which more than 440 school age children were shot and wounded and 500 homicides were committed. 

Chicago is the gun-control capital of America, yet NBC News accurately describes it as “bullet-scarred.”


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