Father Of Newtown Student: 'From My Cold Dead Hands'

Father Of Newtown Student: 'From My Cold Dead Hands'

When Bill Stevens testified in Connecticut’s State Capital regarding new gun control proposals being considered in the wake of the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, he made one thing clear: “You will take my [guns] from my cold dead hands.”

Stevens’ daughter Victoria attends Sandy Hook, and was there on Dec. 14 when Adam Lanza committed his heinous crime.

Stevens told lawmakers he found it ironic that they availed themselves of the very safety measures they denied his daughter and her classmates at Sandy Hook. He specifically mentioned being frisked before being allowed to enter to give testimony. 

He also told lawmakers the 2nd Amendment could not be changed via legislative fiat, but only through the amendment process set forth by our Founding Fathers. In his opinion, the lawmakers had far exceeded the legitimate boundaries of their jobs when they began pushing legislation that infringed on his right to keep and bear arms. 

In the most emotional part of his testimony, Stevens said that although his daughter survived the crime at Sandy Hook, “her friend’s little sister was murdered [on] that day when lockdown and 911 were not enough to protect her from an evil person.”

He repeatedly slammed his hand against the top of the podium and ended his testimony with these words:

Charlton Heston made the phrase, “from my cold dead hands” famous, and I am here to tell you today, you will take away my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold dead hands.

Other citizens at the hearing cheered Stevens as we walked away from the podium. 


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