$1000/Hr: Obama Flies in World's Top Golf Pro

$1000/Hr: Obama Flies in World's Top Golf Pro

Economic growth is in the negative, unemployment is on the rise, Walmart’s forecasting a disastrous February for retail sales, poverty’s up, gas prices are up, the cost of health care premiums are up, middle class incomes are falling, consumer confidence is at a two year low, our deficit is unsustainable, and Barack Obama has just signed up for private golf lessons with two of the top teachers in the country.  

You might want to go back and read that last part again.

Safely re-elected and with no concerns whatsoever that the media will take issue with his elitist behavior (hell, the media won’t even make an issue of the economy), what would certainly be the kind of optics the media would bludgeon a Republican with will likely go unnoticed, because the narrative’s been set that Obama can do no wrong.

The only other possibility is that the media will tell us that Obama hiring the number-one golf teacher in the world represents Obama “creating a job.”

The President’s golfing weekend at The Floridian GC in Palm City, Fla., will include more than golf on a Tom Fazio course or an afternoon of ball beating at the Harmon School of Golf on campus. The Harmons, Butch and son Claude III, are flying in to work with President Obama[.]

This would be perfectly fine were it not for the fact that Obama knows he can oversee a faltering economy, where millions are suffering, and still get all brazenly one-percentary, knowing the media will give him a complete and total pass.

Romney wasn’t even president, and the media beat him senseless for his wife Ann wearing a nice blouse.

Anyway, enjoy yourself, Mr. President. According to “Golf Digest,” Harmon’s hourly rate is $1,000 an hour. So it sounds like you’re, uhm, “doing fine.” And don’t feel bad for those of us in the 99%. We’re also “doing fine.” We might be all out of hope, but we still have a little change and those food stamps.


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