Witness Blasts Dems: Your 'Preposterous' Words Give IRS 'Power' to Target

Witness Blasts Dems: Your 'Preposterous' Words Give IRS 'Power' to Target

On Tuesday, John Eastman, the Chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, tore into Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee defending the IRS for targeting conservative organizations like his. 

In response to criticism of his organization, Eastman said the notion that traditional marriage does not promote social welfare or the public good was “beyond preposterous.”

He specifically targeted Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who had earlier said Congress and the IRS needed to stop this “charade” of pretending many of the organizations that the IRS had targeted were social welfare organizations.

Eastman, who revealed earlier that the IRS leaked information about his group’s donors to a rival left-wing organization, said statements like Blumenauer’s give the the IRS the “power” to intimidate and target conservative groups and “make determinations about which organizations” qualify as promoting the public good. 

He also lashed out at Democrats on the committee for saying groups that were teaching the country’s founding principles were political and was clearly angry that the IRS targeted the groups led by other witnesses. He was noticeably upset that efforts “to educate about the Constitution has become a partisan issue.”


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