OFA Attracts One Person for ObamaCare Event

OFA Attracts One Person for ObamaCare Event

Organizing for America, the advocacy off-shoot of Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, has declared August as a month of “action.” It is taking a page from the Tea Party playbook and trying to show grass-roots support for Obama’s agenda. Its first event on Sunday, Barack Obama’s birthday, was to promote the benefits of ObamaCare. In Northern Virginia, a base of support for Obama, it attracted one volunteer. One. 

From Politico:

The Centreville event’s lone attendee, Lynn Duvall of Fairfax, Va., told POLITICO that it was her family’s own medical burdens that fueled her passion for Obamacare. Duvall’s son Logan has Crohn’s disease and under the law’s provisions can stay on her health plan until he turns 26, next January. Then he’ll be able to get coverage in the health exchange, despite his pre-existing condition.

I have a very good friend with Crohn’s disease. That didn’t stop her from founding a very successful software company. That said, I don’t want this to be about the specific situation of Lynn Duvall. This story is about OFA’s failure. 

OFA is trying to translate Obama supporters of his reelection into an advocacy network for his agenda. The challenge, though, is that there is less support for Obama’s policies than for him as a politician. That it could only attract one volunteer in Centreville, VA, which is full of federal workers, is evidence of the vast disconnect between Obama’s policies and the general public. 


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