Peter King: Rand Paul Slandering NSA Officials

Peter King: Rand Paul Slandering NSA Officials

On Fox News Sunday, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) accused Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) of offering up a “grab bag of misinformation and distortion” about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs. 

King alleged the National Security Agency’s mistakes have been “inadvertent” and had a 99.99% success rate, which he said was better than politicians and those in the media in their work. 

He also said he thought the “whole tone of ‘snooping’ and ‘spying’ we use” was “horrible.”

“I think it’s really a smear and slander of good, patriotic Americans,” King said. 

King said he was ultimately “satisfied” with the NSA’s surveillance programs and that there is “nothing there that bothers me.” 

Fox News Sunday addressed these issues after an internal audit found that the NSA had repeatedly violated the privacy rights of Americans.