Rep. Wolf Questions FBI Director over Report About Relationship with CAIR

Rep. Wolf Questions FBI Director over Report About Relationship with CAIR

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) wrote a letter to FBI director James Comey regarding the just-released Department of Justice Office of Inspector General report relating to the bureau’s relationship with the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Since 2008, the FBI had a policy to not engage in non-investigative relations with CAIR as a result of the organization being named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the government’s Holy Land Foundation trial case. However, incidents were reported and confirmed by the OIG that field offices have been violating the policy since 2009.

In his letter to Director Comey, Wolf writes he is concerned that “only five instances of reported violations were investigated.”

This documented failure to abide by FBI direction is intolerable. I ask that you immediately take action to ensure such a failure in policy coordination and management is not repeated,’and advise me speciñc actions you are taking to ensure FBI policy with regard to interactions with CAIR is clear, unambiguous, and complied with by all FBI components.

Additionally, I am asking you to immediately remove any FBI agents or employees that knowingly violated this policy or offered conilicting guidance that undermined the policy – particularly the SACS of the Chicago, Philadelphia and New Haven Field Offices who approved and carried out actions that directly contravened established policy and law and report to the Congress on what disciplinary actions are being taken. would expect’discipline to include, but be limited to, separation from the FBI. 

Wolf is expecting an update from Comey on both actions, “including any disciplinary actions” taken by September 30.


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