Gallup: Belief Federal Government Too Powerful Hits Record High

Gallup: Belief Federal Government Too Powerful Hits Record High

With the 2014 midterms just a little over a year away and the battle to defund ObamaCare currently unfolding in Congress, Gallup reports that the belief that the government is too powerful has hit a record high of 60%, including 38% of Democrats. Only 7% believe the federal government is not powerful enough:

Republicans, Democrats, and independents have each grown more likely to say government is too powerful this year. However, Republicans’ and Democrats’ views have generally become more polarized since Obama took office. In 2002, the two parties were about equally likely to view the federal government as too powerful, at 36% and 35%, respectively, with independents, at 45%, most likely to say this.

As the George W. Bush era continued, both Republicans and Democrats began to report higher levels of unease with the amount of power the federal government held.

Gallup also reports that this is a new high for Republicans, which could bode very well for turn-out next year when the GOP hopes to expand their majority in the House and retake the Senate.


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