Durbin Doubles-Down on Likely Lie

Durbin Doubles-Down on Likely Lie

Over the weekend, IL Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin took to Facebook to make the outrageous claim that a House GOP Leader told President Obama, “I cannot stand to look at you” during negotiations on the budget shutdown. Aides to House GOP leaders swiftly rebutted the claim. Their statements were verified by WH Spokesman Jay Carney, who said the alleged exchange “didn’t happen.” Durbin, nevertheless, is sticking by his story.

Max Gleischman, a spokesman for Durbin, said, “Durbin stands by his comments.”

Which solicited the typical response from the doctrinaire left: 

The meeting where this slur allegedly occurred was on October 10th. Sen. Durbin was not part of the meeting. So, on the one hand, we have people who were in the meeting, i.e. House GOP Leaders and the White House, saying this exchange never happened; on the other, a partisan Democrat who wasn’t in the meeting who says it did happen, although he demurs on naming the actual culprit. 

Of course, the left’s media matron sides with the person who wasn’t in the room. (Even if she doesn’t get his name right.)

Durbin, Walsh and many on the left simply want to believe that this ridiculous exchange happened. It fits their world-view. Their minds are so befuddled that they view policy differences as evil intent. You will never meet a more intolerant person than a leftist who disagrees with you on a policy issue. 

I would be willing to wager my annual earnings that the exchange described by Durbin never happened. Even in the fevered drama of Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing, no one talks that way. Had it happened, wouldn’t the news have broken in the middle of the shutdown, when it allegedly happened, as evidence of Republican unreasonableness? Instead, it is “revealed” days after the shutdown is over on a Senator’s Facebook page?

As it stands, Durbin is sticking with his likely lie and smear on Republicans. Since he is a Democrat, he will likely get away with it. 


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