Poll: 52% of Young Adults Want Obama Recalled, 57% Oppose ObamaCare

Poll: 52% of Young Adults Want Obama Recalled, 57% Oppose ObamaCare

A stunning new poll of young adults aged 18 to 29 shows that in large numbers, they have turned against President Obama and ObamaCare.

Among the youngest in this group, those aged 18-24, a full 52% support a recall effort that would throw Obama out of office. The number is only a little better among 18-29 year-olds, 47%. Individual members of Congress actually fare a little better with 45% of Millennials favoring a recall. A majority do, however, favor recalling Congress as a whole.

Since his reelection, Obama’s overall approval with young adults has plummeted 11 points to just 41%; which puts it in line with the rest of the country. 

ObamaCare is even less popular with this group. Fifty-seven percent disapprove of ObamaCare, with only 38% approving.  

The number that undoubtedly strikes fear in the hearts of ObamaCare supporters is that only 29% of Millennials currently without health insurance intend to sign up for ObamaCare. Of that group, only 10% said they definitely would. Without this specific group of the young and healthy signing up in droves, ObamaCare simply isn’t financially viable.

Unlike the mainstream media, a majority of Millennials are able to see through the scam that is ObamaCare. Only 18% think it will improve healthcare, while 40% believe healthcare will worsen. A majority of 51% have figured out that ObamaCare will increase the cost of insurance. Only 34% believe the opposite.


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