When You Take a Stand for Phil Robertson, You're Standing for Free Speech

When You Take a Stand for Phil Robertson, You're Standing for Free Speech

Next month, we will celebratethe 4th anniversary of our landmark First Amendment SupremeCourt victory. In that case, we stood up as an organization for free speech andcontinue to stand for the rights of others to be able to openly and honestlyshare their beliefs. 

This week those rights came under attack by the thought police. As a conservative, I ask you to stand with mein supporting Phil Robertson. 

Every week, I join 14 millionothers and tune in with my family to watch Duck Dynasty. It is one of the fewprime-time shows currently on the air that you can allow your children to watch(mostly) with you without any fear. Always appropriate and innocent, theRobertson family has been a breath of fresh air in a time where televisionprogramming has gotten more crass and extreme.

At the end of every episode,the family gathers together for a meal. Before partaking, they join hands andbow their heads in thanks. It has been incredibly refreshing to see a family ontelevision openly discuss their faith in God in a time where He seems to be thelast thing on any programming executive’s mind. And after several seasons ofthe Robertsons professing their faith on their A&E program, liberals areall of a sudden shocked to hear that the Robertsons believe the teachings ofthe Bible itself?

In the GQ interview thatultimately led liberal activists to call for Mr. Robertson’s firing, thecomment that was deemed “hateful” and “controversial” was merely Phil quotingfrom Corinthians (1 Corinthians 6:9, to be exact). The sad reality of thissituation is that this was an attack on everyone’s ability to speak freely andopenly about their Christian faith. Have we reached a point where you can nolonger quote Scripture in a public setting? If this incident is any indication,the answer is yes. It is a founding principle of this republic that you have aninalienable right to believe and think and speak as you will, and nobody, noteven the government, can deny you that right.

As a fan of Duck Dynasty,faith, and free speech, I ask you to join with me in demanding Phil Robertsonbe reinstated on the show. It is inexcusable that a man can be fired from hisjob for merely quoting Scripture. We cannot sit idly by and allow liberalactivists to limit the rights of what others can and cannot say. I ask you tostand with me as I stand with Phil Robertson, and for our rights to free speechand the ability to profess one’s faith. I would urge the entire clan to pullthe plug on A&E and move to another network if they do not reinstate Phil. Their show is about family and they shouldnot go on without their leader and father.