Dems Discuss 'Income Inequality' at Grammys, Posh St. Regis

Dems Discuss 'Income Inequality' at Grammys, Posh St. Regis

Democrats have made the issue of “income inequality” the cornerstone of their platform going into the November elections. In less than two months, the House Democrats will discuss this and other issues at the swanky and posh St. Regis hotel in Manhattan. Rooms start at $695 a night if you would like to join them. 

Of course, you can’t simply show up at the DCCC’s “Issues Conference.” According to the email invitation, “[t]his annual Issues  Conference is open to 2014 DCCC Business and Labor Council Platinum Members and to our 2014 Chairman’s Council Members.” I’m not certain what it takes to be a “plantinum member,” but I imagine it takes the kind of money that doesn’t blink at a $695 hotel room. Helpfully, the DCCC says you can contact them to determine one’s “eligibility.”

For those fortunate enough to attend, “the St. Regis New York has unveiled a bold new era of glamour at Manhattan’s best address,” according to the hotel’s website. Recently renovated, the hotel says the redesign’s “fresh and sophisticated approach has married original design elements, such as the crystal Waterford chandeliers and elegant crown moldings, with beautiful, large-format photographic artwork, vibrant-hued fabrics and stunning beveled mirrors.” 

Alternatively, California Democrats concerned about “income inequality” could head to Beverly Hills, where House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will rub elbows with music industry royalty at a pre-Grammy bash. With a net worth of around $100 million, Pelosi will feel at home among stars like Beyonce, Rhianna and Rod Stewart. 

The Democrats can talk about the middle and working classes, but that doesn’t mean they have to hang out with them. 


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