Eric Holder Regrets Not Releasing Photos of Slain Sandy Hook Children

Eric Holder Regrets Not Releasing Photos of Slain Sandy Hook Children

On January 29th Attorney General Eric Holder said the public would have pushed Congress to support gun control if the photographs of the slain children at Sandy Hook Elementary had been released.

According to Main Justice, Holder said December 14, 2012 was “the worst day that [he] had as Attorney General.”

Holder continued: 

[If] the American people, legislators, [and] members of Congress had the ability with me that day – to walk through the classrooms and see the caked blood… if they had seen the crime scene photos of those little angels – I suspect that the outcome of the effort we mounted last year would have been different.

Holder did not mention that the background check bill the administration supported would not have prevented the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary because Adam Lanza stole his guns. Nor would it have prevented the Aurora theater attack, the DC Navy Yard attack, the murder at LAX, or the more recent murders at The Mall in Columbia – in all four of these incidents the gunmen submitted to and passed firearm purchase background checks. 

The question now is this: Will Holder advocate the release of crime scene photos the next time a gunman opens fire in a gun-free zone?

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