February 1st: Andrew's Birthday

February 1st: Andrew's Birthday

Andrew was born February 1, 1969. He was adopted shortly thereafter, and when his late parents, Arlene and Gerry, looked at him, they must have thought, as all parents must, what kind of boy, son, brother, father, husband, friend, person would he become? 

Before Gerry passed, he told me something that answered every one of those questions: Andrew had exceeded every imaginable expectation he and Arlene had for him. The nice part is, I was there in person many times when Gerry expressed the same sentiment to Andrew himself.

As for my part, I can speak very personally to what kind of brother and friend he would become: there was no one more loyal, no one more caring, no one better.

As for what kind of man and person he would become, well, there are so many people to testify in this department: a leader, a voice, a patriot; a brawler for truth, transparency, the democratization of news and information, and for the values upon which this great nation was founded and should be guided still.

As to that legacy, we present you the pages of Breitbart.com each and every day and the growth and expansion of Breitbart News… and the unbreakable promise that the fight will always continue.

Despite everything I’ve just mentioned, as anyone who ever spent any time whatsoever with him can attest, Andrew accomplished all that he accomplished with a smile and the fiercest desire to make others laugh. Today and every other day, I am overwhelmed with such memories and thank God for Andrew’s presence–albeit too short–here on Earth.

By the way, he still played an at-best mediocre game of fantasy league baseball. But in fairness, during the last part of his life, he was, after all, more interested in saving the world.

Happy birthday, my friend.


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