Zuckerberg-Linked Group Targets House GOP on Amnesty

Zuckerberg-Linked Group Targets House GOP on Amnesty

A pro-amnesty group associated with Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a 60-second ad Monday targeting House Republicans on immigration reform legislation that includes amnesty and more high-tech work visas. 

The ad asks why Republicans are “cooling, retreating and even privately saying they’d rather do nothing this year.”

“No, nothing won’t do,” the voice-over says in the commercial. “Call House Republicans today. Tell them we’ve waited long enough; pass immigration reform.”

According to The Hill, the group “spent about $500,000 on the commercial, which is set to run in all 50 states for about two weeks.”

Zuckerberg started, whose stated goal is to enact immigration reform. That group is affiliated with two others, the Council for American Job Growth, which usually targets liberals, and Americans for a Conservative Direction, which targets Republicans. 

After the House GOP released its immigration principles, conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed it as amnesty. That made GOP leaders in both chambers retreat, vowing that immigration reform would not go forward until President Barack Obama could be trusted on enforcing any new immigration laws.

Outside groups like Zuckerberg’s have vowed to spend millions to try to get immigration legislation passed this year, perhaps because leading Democrats like Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have said that this year is amnesty legislation’s last chance.The Senate already passed its comprehensive immigration reform bill last year–which the Congressional Budget Office determined would lower the wages of American workers.