Idaho State Senator: Gun Owners, Not Government, Are Best at Keeping Guns Safe

Idaho State Senator: Gun Owners, Not Government, Are Best at Keeping Guns Safe

On March 15th Idaho state senator Russ Fulcher (R-22nd Dist.) wrote an op-ed on trusting gun owners more than government in the process of restoring and defending 2nd Amendment rights.

In the Idaho Statesman, Fulcher wrote, “I not only believe in the right of all people to defend themselves, but I believe people are inherently responsible in the way they do so.”

He then explained that government officials must sometimes “make decisions” in this area that “can be far reaching, impacting [Idaho] significantly.” However, he made clear that the people, rather than government, are the ones he tends to trust most in this arena:

The Biden Commission on Gun Violence is trying to get the Consumer Product Safety Commission to require things like trigger locks to be included with the purchase of a gun. I support [the use of such locks], but not as a requirement to buy a gun. Gun owners tend to be very responsible people. I trust they will do what is best for the safety of themselves and their families. The Obama administration also wants to “code” ammunition and require gun safes as part of gun ownership. Are they going to require people certify they have gun safes in their home to buy a gun in the future? Where do these rules end and will they prevent people from getting a gun to protect themselves, their families, and their property?

Wrote Fulcher: “Instead of adding requirements we should be cutting those requirements for everyone who abides by the law.”

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