Central Texas Gun Works Owner: 'Under No Circumstances' Will Anyone Take My Guns

Central Texas Gun Works Owner: 'Under No Circumstances' Will Anyone Take My Guns

On March 18th, Breitbart News spoke with Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill, who said, “Under no circumstances am I ever going to allow someone to take my firearms away from me.”

Breitbart News first did a story on Cargill on March 10th when we invited readers to meet the “gay, black Republican selling guns online for bitcoin.”

Speaking with him again, Breitbart News asked him to discuss the importance of private gun ownership, concealed carry, and increasing the number of people who carry guns for self defense.

Cargill replied: 

For me personally, I think a lot of different organizations, a lot of different people should get involved with the Second Amendment. Single mothers should be involved–they should be pro-Second Amendment. Women–whether mothers or not–should be pro-Second Amendment. The African-American community should be pro-Second Amendment–and that’s mainly because of everything that started back in the 180os with ‘no guns for negroes.’ 

And also, the gay community should be pro-Second Amendment. Being armed is great deterrent to gay bashing. They should stand up and be counted and support the Second Amendment. 

Breitbart News asked Cargill what the Second Amendment affords to each of the different groups of people he’d identified. He explained:

The problem is that without the Second Amendment you lose freedom–no matter who you are. If they take your firearms away from you–whether you’re a single mother, a woman, an African-American, a member of the gay community, or a stereotypical male gun enthusiast–once they get your guns then you will become a slave. Or they will put you into a box of their choosing. 

I refuse to be that victim. I refuse to be put into a box. So I’m determined that under no circumstances am I ever going to allow  anyone to take my firearms away from me. 

Cargill told the story of his grandmother deciding to go back to college to get a degree at age 70.  He said she was sitting at a bus stop after leaving the college library, and while waiting for a bus to come she was mugged and raped. Cargill said: “At that point I decided that every female in my family needed tools in order to protect themselves, and that’s why I became a concealed carry license instructor, and that’s why I opened the gun store.”

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