Romney Rules Out 2016 Bid

Romney Rules Out 2016 Bid

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he essentially ruled out another bid for the White House on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday.

When asked if he thinks about running again, Romney said, “No, I’m thinking about people who I want to see running for president.”

He said that there was “quite a group” of “very strong leaders” who could be the party’s nominee and that he fully anticipates he would be “supporting one of them very vigorously.”

Romney said that a lot of Americans are looking back to the 1980s and yearning for strong leaders like Ronald Reagan, Jim Baker, George Shultz, and George H.W. Bush, and he believed there were such leaders in the GOP.

Some establishment Republicans and lobbyists in the permanent political class had been trying to gin up chatter about a potential repeat Romney candidacy in recent months.