Obama Tells Michigan U Grad 'Now Is the Time, Go to France'

Obama Tells Michigan U Grad 'Now Is the Time, Go to France'

On his way to the University of Michigan, President Obama and Congressman Gary Peters (D-MI), the first senate candidate to allow himself to appear before voters with the President this year, stopped off at Zingerman’s delicatessen in downtown Ann Arbor.

The president took time to talk with an employee who graduated from the University of Michigan and wants to someday teach English in France. Obama encouraged her, saying, “Now is the time. Go to France.”

After arriving at Zingerman’s, Obama and Peters stood in front of a large display case filled with salads, meats, desserts, and other goodies. Both men ordered Reuben sandwiches and iced teas, while the President also got a side of “Che Che spin” salad.

The President spent a good amount of time talking with three employees about the benefits of raising the minimum wage.

    Obama is aiming to increase the hourly minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 as part of his election-year economic agenda. The White House says that would benefit more than 970,000 workers in Michigan. Some economists would disagree with him.