Jesse Jackson, Jr. Transferred to New Prison after 'Dispute'

Jesse Jackson, Jr. Transferred to New Prison after 'Dispute'

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) is reportedly having issues during his stint in prison. The former representative has now been transferred to a new prison after a “dispute” with prison officials.

Jackson had been dispensing legal advice to other prisoners, and when prison officials asked him to stop, he apparently refused to comply. He was then “placed in solitary confinement for four or five days.”

The 49-year-old former congressman has now been moved from the federal prison in North Carolina to which he was first remanded to a new minimum-security prison in Montgomery, Alabama.

Despite the solitary confinement and the move to a new facility, Jackson was cleared of any wrongdoing in giving the other inmates advice.

Jackson’s sister, Santita Jackson, said her brother only “wanted to be of service to people serving time with him.”

Santita also said that her brother is doing better with his bipolar disorder. “He is so much better, and, for that, we are all grateful,” she said.

Jackson’s famous father, Jesse Jackson, Sr., also noted that his son is doing well with his condition. “He’s been very disciplined in his health-recovery regimen. He’s been doing a lot of reading and writing.”

Jackson, who is serving a 2 1/2 year sentence for misusing campaign funds, has been visited several times by his wife, former Chicago Alderwoman Sandi Jackson. She was also convicted of the same crimes and is scheduled to serve her one-year term once Jackson’s sentence is complete. 

The convicted representative has served five months of his 30-month sentence.

Some are speculating that Jackson may actually be released from prison as early as the end of 2014.

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