Bloomberg's New Campaign: Take Guns from Women in Abusive Households

Bloomberg's New Campaign: Take Guns from Women in Abusive Households

For all Michael Bloomberg’s talk about simply wanting to secure expanded background checks, his newest gun control group “Everytown for Gun Safety” is on a broader mission to take away the guns women in abusive homes could use for self defense.

In an April 16th tweet posted at 6:42 a.m, Everytown came out against guns in homes where someone is abusive. They did so without recognizing that the gun may be the only thing that gives the victim of abuse a fighting chance of survival. 

The tweet said: “The presence of a gun makes it five times more likely domestic violence will turn into murder.” The bottom of the tweet is captioned: “Support policies that keep guns out of the hands of abusers.”

On August 14th Breitbart News reported that gun control never makes the vulnerable less vulnerable. Rather, it always makes them more vulnerable. Thus in Chicago, the gun control capital of America, there were 1,400 sexual assaults against women in 2010 alone. And in 2011, when 411 people were murdered in the city, 10 percent of them were women. 

How many of those women might still be alive if there were a campaign to arm them for self-defense instead of a campaign to take guns out of their homes? How many might have been able to use a gun to fight off their attacker and prevent a sexual assault?

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