Georgia Senate Candidates Sign 'FAIR' Immigration Pledge Ahead of Election

Georgia Senate Candidates Sign 'FAIR' Immigration Pledge Ahead of Election

Three Republican Senate candidates from Georgia – Karen Handel, Paul Broun, and Jack Kingston – have signed the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) pledge vowing not to expand legal immigration right before the election on Tuesday.

The pledge has drawn attention in Republican Senate races this year, but according to its website, only about 30 candidates running in the 2014 midterm races have signed.

At the time of publication only Handel and Broun were on the website. When reached by phone, a FAIR aide explained that they were still updating the website, which should eventually include Kingston.

The pledge made headlines earlier this week in the Nebraska Senate primary after Republican Senate Candidate Shane Osborne signed the pledge, using it as a weapon against the eventual winner Ben Sasse.

Sasse indicated that, although he opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants, he was not comfortable signing a pledge that would block the expansion of legal immigration.

Senate candidate Greg Bannon also signed the pledge but lost in the North Carolina Republican Senate Primary.


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