Hillary Clinton: The Bible Is My 'Biggest Influence'

Hillary Clinton: The Bible Is My 'Biggest Influence'

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced during a New York Times interview that the Holy Bible is the book that made her who she is today.

“If you had to name one book that made you who you are today, what would it be?” asked The New York Times, in a book review questionnaire.

“At the risk of appearing predictable, the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking,” Clinton said. “I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it.”

“I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement,” she added.

Clinton explained that she was a voracious book reader, naming off multiple writers who made an impact on her.

“I’ve got a pile of books stacked on my night stand that I’m reading — or hoping to get to soon,” she said.

Of the Russian novel The Brothers Karamazov, Clinton explained, “[It] made a lasting impression on me when I read it as a young woman,” and she stated that she would try to reread it this summer.


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