Anti-Amnesty Group Calls On Supporters To Mail Underwear To Obama, Boehner In Protest To Illegal Immigration

Anti-Amnesty Group Calls On Supporters To Mail Underwear To Obama, Boehner In Protest To Illegal Immigration

An anti-amnesty group is calling on its supporters to mail their “gently used” underwear to President Obama in protest over the flood of illegal immigration through the southern border. 

“Instead of using our tax money to buy illegals 42,000 pairs of new underwear, we would like to send the illegals and DC politicians a message by mailing them our used underwear, and some of our pairs are in really bad shape due to the bad economy and all of the jobs illegal immigrants are taking from Americans,” William Gheen, the president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) said. 

This week Breitbart News reported that the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing thousands of pairs of men’s underwear for immigrants held at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center. 

The news of the bulk underwear purchase comes as tens of thousands of undocumented unaccompanied immigrant minors and family units stream across the border, amid violence and poverty in Central America and rumors that they can stay in the United States fuel the migration. 

According to some Republicans and anti-amnesty advocates like ALIPAC, the rumor of a free pass into America has roots in discussions of amnesty for illegal immigrants. In that vein, Gheen and his group is also calling for people to send their underwear to House Speaker John Boehner.

“Obama and Boehner have proven once and for all that their talk of passing immigration reform amnesty, instead of enforcing America’s existing border and immigration laws, only brings more unwanted and destructive illegal immigration,” Gheen added.

Tuesday, Boehner announced a congressional working group to consider solutions to the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border and has said that the House will not act on immigration reform until the Obama administration proves it will enforce the law. 

The Obama administration has declared the influx an “urgent humanitarian situation,” mobilizing FEMA and a surge of DHS resources to confront the situation, as well as money to Central America and a campaign urging people not to come illegally to America. 


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