Jeb Bush: Deal With Illegals in 'Compassionate' Way

Jeb Bush: Deal With Illegals in 'Compassionate' Way

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who called illegal immigration an “act of love” and has been one of the most vocal proponents of comprehensive amnesty legislation, said illegal immigrant juveniles should be treated “compassionately.”

He also suggested that it was not humanitarian to reunite the illegal immigrant juveniles, nearly 90 percent of whom are teenagers, with their families in Central America. Democrats have been opposed to changing a 2008 law that prevents federal officials from immediately deporting illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico and Canada. A majority of Americans, though, believe that illegal immigrants should be sent back more quickly, according to numerous polls that have been taken in the last months.

Speaking to the Bradenton Herald on Wednesday, Bush, who said he would decide later this year about whether to run for president, said the immigration system had to be fixed because “getting here legally should be easier than coming here illegally.”

“The administration has a responsibility to let people know they should not imperil their children and themselves by illegally entering the United States,” he said“The idea that it’s humanitarian to thrust these people into dangerous locations is wrong. We need to deal with it in a compassionate way.”


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