Report: Jeb Bush Dines with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Report: Jeb Bush Dines with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush reportedly had dinner with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg this week, as he thinks about potentially running for president in 2016. 

Sandberg, who grew up in South Florida, invited Bush to a reception for women leaders, according to the Tampa Bay Times. A Bush spokesperson told the outlet that he was “honored and delighted to accept Sheryl Sandberg’s gracious invitation to meet with top tech and business leaders in Silicon Valley.”

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has poured millions of dollars into the push for amnesty legislation and an increase in the number of high-tech visas. Bush has been one of the most prominent supporters, even though a strong majority of Americans believe American workers should be preferred over foreign workers. In addition, numerous scholars and studies, in addition to Census figures on STEM employment, have thoroughly debunked the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers. 

But Bush, who has also said that illegal immigration was “an act of love,” has continued to advocate for increasing the number of guest-worker visas for foreign workers, saying there needed to be a “robust” system at an elite “Davos in the Desert” conference in Arizona earlier in the year.